+ Entry Level Tune Up $40

great for bikes already in good shape, perfect to get ready for that weekend ride

~ bike will be wiped down check bicycle for safety/functionality
~ air tires
~ lube chain/pivot points
~ derailleur and brake adjustments
~ note: additional fee apply for 24 hour rush service

+ Mid-Level Tune Up $65

get your bike finely tuned and lubricated

~ bike will be washed and detailed
~ adjust front/rear brakes
~ adjust front/rear derailleur (lube pulleys)
~ true front/rear wheels
~ adjust all bearings
~ lube chain and cables

+ Deluxe Tune Up $100

​Mid-Level tune up plus drive train cleaning

~ bike will be washed and detailed
~ adjust front/rear brakes
~ adjust front/rear derailleur (lube pulleys)
~ true front/rear wheels
~ replace cables (as needed, additional cost)
~ adjust all bearings
~ lube chain and cables
​~ remove and clean: cranks, chain, cassette, and derailleurs

+ Full Overhaul $150

get that well-worn machine looking and riding like a brand new bike!

​~ disassemble bike, clean and wax
~ overhaul headset, hubs and bottom bracket
~ replace cables and housings
~ install new bar tape/grips ($10 allowance)
~ complete tune-up and drive train cleaning
​~ note: hydraulic brake service and parts are not included
~ full suspension plus $50

+ Bearings

Headset adjustment $5
Headset overhaul ​$15
Headset installation $20
Fork installation $20
Hub adjustment $10
Hub overhaul $20
3 speed overhaul $30
Bottom bracket adjustment ​$10
Bottom bracket overhaul $25
Bottom bracket installation $25

+ Miscellaneous

Handle bar installation $15 for flat/$25 for drop
Stem installation $10
Wrap bars $10
Grip installation ​$5
Saddle installation $5
Pedal installation $5
Car rack installation $15
Computer installation $10
Training wheel installation $10
Package bike for shipment $50
Bike box build with tune $55
Install cleats, fitting included $15
Custom wheel build $50
Kickstand and install $5
​Install basket or rear rack ​$10
Bicycle wash and lube $20
Tap crank arm $10
Heli coil $25

+ Thread/Frame Treatment

Tap crank arm $15 per arm
​Heli-coil installation  $20

+ Drivetrain

Derailleur adjustment $12 per derailleur
Cable replacement $17 per derailleur
Derailleur installation $20 per derailleur
Derailleur hanger straightening $15 
Shifter installation -standard $20 per side
​Shifter /brake installation -road bike $30 per side
Chain installation -single speed $8
Chain installation -geared ​$12
Freewheel or cassette installation $10
Crank installation $15
Crank installation with Bottom Bracket $25
Chain ring installation $15

+ Tubes and Tires

Tube installation $7 per wheel
Tire installation $7 per wheel
Tubeless conversion $20 per wheel
True wheel $20
​Spoke replacement -tire on or off $25

+ Brakes

Brake adjustment $10
Pad replacement $15
Cable replacement $17
Brake lever install $15
Disc brake bleed $30
Rotor replacement $10
Rotor truing $15
Disc brake install $20

+ Shocks

Air adjust front or rear shock $10
Rebuild front shock ​$90
Rebuild rear shock $70


PRICES are subject to change at any time.  Some repairs require additional time due to rusted or corroded mechanisms. These cases will incur additional shop rates above the basic service price. Any thing not listed on our chart is to be charged by an hourly rate of $65.00

WARRANTY We offer 30 days warranty on labor.

DEPOSITS A minimum of 50% is required for repairs over $100 and special order items. We reserve the right to require a deposit in any situation.

STORAGE FEES Any bike or part left more than 30 days will incur a $10 a day storage fee. If more than 90 days has passed bikes or parts will be considered abandoned and property of the bike garage

SCHEDULING Minor repairs may be done while you wait. Services such as tune ups may require you to leave your bike. Turn around times vary based on seasonal volume, parts availability and other factors. Scheduled appointments are usually same day or next day depending on circumstances.We are first come , first serve. Turn around times on walk ins are determined by current work load.